Chiang Dao National Park

In the same area as Chiang Dao Wild Animal Protection Area and Sri Lanna National Park, this forest is the source of two rivers in Chiang Mai; the Ping and Mae Tang rivers. The area is a complex of mountains and fertile forests. The natural highlights of this National Park are Sri Sangwan waterfall, Pang Tong waterfall, Nivet Hole of Water, Krab cave, Tab Tao cave, Doi Pha Tang and Doi Bha Dang where you can have a magnificent view from the top of the mountain. Additionally, this area has several interesting historical sites. This park is the habitat of rare animals such as goral, wild boar, barking deer, banteng, guar, porcupine, langur, palm civet, squirrel, chipmunk, many kinds of bird and reptile.

16 T.Mueang Na, Amphoe Chiang Dao
053 261 466
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