Wat Phra That Sri Chom Thong Worawihan

The present Viharn was built at the beginning of the nineteenth century, but there has certainly been a temple here for many hundred years to house the famous Buddhist relic. This is said to come from the right side of the Lord Buddha's skull. This relic is much revered locally; it is kept in a golden mondop and brought out for display on the main Buddhist festivals. Many other old Buddha statues are kept at the temple under tight security.

Passing on through the little market town of Chom Tong, you arrive at an important group of cotton weaving villages situated on the banks of the usually dried up river Ping. Hand operated looms are used and it is possible to watch the girls at work. At one small factory there is a museum of textiles and weaving and also a good restaurant.

Kilometre 58
053 341 093
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